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It may seem contradictory that they take things literally, since I just said they speak indirectly, but what they would take literally is their interpretation of what you just said, after a diplomatic decoding, if necessary.

The French diplomatic decoding does not work the same way as the British decoding of subtleties.

Never mind that the example uses a retailer; this is the way the French think.

As well as saying things indirectly, the French are often minimalistic about the information they give out, as if there were a secret police waiting in hiding to arrest anyone who said too much.

’ I deliberately omitted the word ‘logical’ since—as most men know—a logical woman is an oxymoron. You will rarely hear a Frenchman admit he made a mistake, and even more rarely apologize for a mistake.

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Note the indirect element of this type of communication.Once the introduction is done, you can get a conversation flowing in French, English, Franglais, or whatever.Using two languages always gives the possibility of getting some conversation going by simply explaining words, concepts, and differences.France is one of those countries everyone has an opinion about, and which has spawned many stereotypes: the French are eternal seducers, lazy, speak only French (so fast that no one else can understand it), and drive like the Italians, just to mention a few.But, hand on your heart, how much do you really about the French that you haven’t just heard in clichés?

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